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HRTC Le Sniper-Basic (lesb)


This course is designed for law enforcement snipers seeking P.O.S.T. certified basic instruction. The basic certification course is arguably the most crucial for an LE sniper, as it forms the foundation of their sniper career. After obtaining their basic certificate, many agencies elevate their sniper's status to deployable, making it imperative that this course imparts accurate, need-to-know information that has real-world applications.

Beyond being a mere shooting class, this is a comprehensive LE sniper school. The curriculum introduces snipers to the skills, tasks, and tactics needed for success in modern high-risk law enforcement operations. At HRTC, our vision is to ensure students return to their respective agencies with a thorough understanding of the basics, and a clear path for progressing as individual snipers and as part of a sniper team.


Our curriculum benefits rural and urban snipers alike, covering fundamentals of marksmanship, use of force/case law, sniper med, basic internal & external ballistics, intermediate barriers, bullet choice & construction, positional shooting, moving targets, sniper/SWAT team integration, communications, preparation, hide choices, rifle cleaning/maintenance, and more. Unique to HRTC, we also address the mental and physical well-being of the sniper. The sniper is arguably the most integral component of the "sniper system", yet the maintenance of the sniper is consistently overlooked.

Students experience brief exposure to some skills that may be considered more advanced in nature. We believe it's essential to provide introductory courses so that students know what skills to develop further as their careers progress. This combats unconscious incompetence, sets a trajectory for success, and establishes a clear path for progression. 

While we do endorse physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle we must also prioritize efficient use of our time with students. Though physical stress is incorporated at times for realistic training, exhaustive "smoke sessions" are not part of this course. We recommend snipers and their agencies uphold a fitness standard independently. Students should arrive prepared for moderate to challenging physical activity as needed throughout the week. Due to the extensive training agenda and a constrained timeframe of just 40 hours, there is minimal downtime in the course.

The week concludes with a written exam, final rifle qualification, and live-fire scenarios featuring life-like moving robotic mannequin targets. Upon completion of the course, students receive their LE Basic Sniper Certificate and are credited with 40 hours of P.O.S.T. training.

5 day course, 40 hours


Required equipment:

250 rounds of match grade ammunition

Rifle capable of 1 MOA groups or better

Scope with dialable turrets (MRAD or MOA)

Standard SWAT call-out gear (no pistol or night vision needed)


Sunscreen/bug spray

Shooting tripod


Rear shooting bag/positional shooting bag

Knee pads

Weather appropriate clothing (cold weather/rain gear)

Shooting mat

Fix-It Sticks or similar maintenance kit

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