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Rifle Training Co.

Accuracy, precision, and success through science, fundamentals, and tactics.

About Hrtc

HRTC was founded by an active-duty SWAT sniper, a retired SWAT sniper, and a Marine Corps veteran. All three owners are enthusiastic competitive shooters and avid hunters. The founders of HRTC have a combined experience of over 35 years in tactical and recreational shooting. Having personally encountered the entire spectrum of scoped rifle training—ranging from excellent to average, and even outright dangerous—over the years, we identified specific areas in rifle training that could be improved. HRTC was established to address these areas, resulting in the development of courses such as the HRTC LE Sniper-Basic and the HRTC Competitive Hunter.

At HRTC, we are guided by some fundamental principles. We continuously strive to be students ourselves, firmly believing that the moment we cease learning and adapting is when our classes become outdated. We maintain a delicate balance between traditional, time-tested techniques and incorporating new methods and tools that become available to us. While we are confident in our expertise, we consciously check our egos at the door and remain open-minded.

A hunting rifle looking over the mountains of the Blackfoot Valley in Western Montana.

The hrtc range Complex

Located 30 minutes east of Missoula, MT. The HRTC range complex sits at 5000', nestled in the mountains of the Blackfoot Valley. From the 100-yard range you can view the Rattlesnake, Swan, and Mission Wilderness areas on a clear day. Don't be surprised to see whitetail, mule deer, elk, moose, black bear, grizzly bear, lions, coyotes, or wolves roaming the hills.


Seven unique shooting ranges

Short, medium, long, and ELR distances

Ranges reaching over 1900 yards

Ability to shoot high angles in steep terrain

Unique terrain influenced wind conditions

Natural & manmade positional shooting props

120' mover target

Latest tech to facilitate learning


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