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Frequently asked questions

What should I expect at the HRTC range?

We are grateful to the supportive landowners that make the HRTC range in Montana's pristine mountains possible. Situated at 5000', this roughly 500-acre range complex offers diverse terrain features such as ridges, valleys, creeks, and ponds. Equipped with numerous classrooms in large wall tents, it features ranges for various purposes, from close range to over 1900 yards. With covered shooting positions, natural and manmade shooting props, moving targets, and scenario setups, HRTC provides a comprehensive training experience. Students are transported between ranges in HRTC vehicles, offering not only stellar views but also potential wildlife sightings. The chance of seeing deer, elk, moose, coyote, wolf, lion, black bear, or grizzly bear just adds to the allure of this unique training environment.

What should I expect at the HRTC LE Sniper Basic class?

The HRTC LE Sniper Basic course is a 40-hour class that fulfills all requirements for P.O.S.T. Basic Sniper certification. Classes are held regardless of weather conditions, except in extreme wind or lightning. For additional details, refer to the class description. Due to operational security, not all information is available online; please email for specific inquiries.

What should I expect at the HRTC Competitive Hunter class?

Much more than just lying in the dirt and shooting long-range! This three-day class is carried out rain or shine. For additional details, refer to the class description, or email specific questions to

What are my lodging options?

The HRTC range is about 30 minutes from North Reserve Street in Missoula, MT. Some North Reserve St hotel options are:

Best Western Plus Grant Creek Inn 406-543-0700

Holiday Inn Express & Suites 406-830-3100

Courtyard by Marriott 406-549-5260

Hilton Garden Inn 406-532-5300

Comfort Inn 406-549-1800

C'Mon Inn 406-543-4600

Directions to the range will be provided to participants once a class is booked. The majority of travel to the range is on paved highway, with the last couple miles being a reasonably maintained dirt road. A 2WD car will make it to the range parking area just fine during spring and summer months. 

For an extravagant experience, the Paws Up Ranch is just 15 minutes from the HRTC range. Rates start at about $1900 per night, and provide luxury accommodations in a Montana ranch setting. Book reservations on their website or contact them directly at 406-244-5200.

Is food provided at HRTC classes?

HRTC does not provide food. Ensure you have an ample supply of food and water to stay hydrated and nourished during the day. Coolers will be provided for perishable items. Additionally, there's a bar/restaurant/gas station/convenience store approximately ten minutes from the range, offering reasonably good food. Feel free to stop there on your way to class in the morning or on your return journey to Missoula in the afternoon.

What if I have to cancel, or if HRTC cancels a class?

If HRTC cancels a class due to low attendance numbers notice of cancellation will be sent out no less than 14 days prior to the scheduled start, and you will be refunded the entire amount of tuition. If a participant cancels a class at any time they will be refunded 50% tuition.

What else do I need to bring?

The HRTC range, situated at 5000' in mountainous terrain, can experience cool mornings and evenings even during the summer. For added comfort we recommend planning accordingly. During spring and early summer consider treating your clothing with tick repellent, we recommend Sawyer brand Permethrin. Each class description includes a list of required and recommended items. For specific inquiries, reach out to us at

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