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In 2018, during joint training with another team, SWAT snipers Andrew Beatty and Jonathan Stineford were introduced to a new method of calling out their hide locations. This simple and effective method resolved some challenges they had been facing. It enhanced communication and coordination between the snipers and their entry, arrest, breaching, and containment teams. Additionally, it minimized crossfire potential while providing the snipers with more efficient assistance from team medics when needed. 


Beatty and Stineford questioned why such a fundamental tactic wasn't taught at a basic school earlier in their careers. This observation was part of a larger trend, where the snipers found simple, sensible insights during random training events over a long period of time. This raised the question: Why isn't there a comprehensive basic level class for SWAT snipers that consolidates all these fundamental tactics in one place?

At various other training events Beatty and Stineford observed several instances of obsolete tactics and misinformation being disseminated. During one session, an instructor advised against using shooting tripods, deeming tripods heavy, awkward to carry, and unstable for shooting. At another training, Beatty watched as an instructor suggested that a fellow student manipulate ballistic solver inputs to obviously incorrect values, in hopes of addressing the issue of the shooter impacting low on a target. Though much fun was had over the years, and good lessons were still learned, Beatty and Stineford disagreed with these examples. The common denominator in these instances was that the instructors were typically retired, long removed from actual SWAT deployments, and had seemingly failed to stay current with evolving equipment and tactics.


 Witnessing fellow students, typically new to LE sniping, accept bad advice, Beatty and Stineford recognized the danger of outdated and bad practices leading to potentially hazardous operations. Beatty and Stineford understood that this misinformation, when unknowingly adopted, posed risks to the snipers, the SWAT teams, and the communities they serve. 

These are the reasons HRTC was developed: to consolidate useful information and combat outdated and potentially hazardous instruction. To achieve this, the owners of HRTC have established a curriculum they consider bulletproof. The curriculum closely aligns with American Sniper Association recommendations, but with additional, alternative, updated, and improved material. HRTC owners have attended instructor development courses, ensuring that their instruction is delivered in a manner that students can understand and retain. They are committed to honoring time-tested methods while staying current with the tools and evolving tactics needed to remain relevant. The owners have also partnered with landowners and other industry professionals to establish a range equipped with all the necessary tools to provide the best instruction available.

Beatty and Stineford joined forces with Steven Kreyenhagen, a fellow hunter, competitive shooter, and veteran, knowing he would be a valuable asset in accomplishing HRTC's goals.

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