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HRTC Competitive Hunter class

A shooter finds and ranges a target.

This course is crafted for hunters, employing proven precision rifle match techniques to blend education with enjoyment. Spanning two days, participants kick off the experience by refining the fundamentals of marksmanship. Subsequent topics include basic ballistics, ballistics solvers, bullet construction, barrel cleaning philosophies, basic positional shooting, and medium/long-range shooting, all culminating in the opportunity for hunters to join the HRTC 1000-yard club.

Beyond enhancing shooting skills and knowledge, the course aims to spotlight under-trained aspects of marksmanship in a hunting scenario. This helps participants understand their individual limits and set realistic expectations. While there are universal shooting fundamentals, the personal nature of shooting is accentuated by variables such as experience, natural aptitude, gear selection, rifle setup, and caliber choice. On day two, participants engage in training exercises designed to assess personal abilities in realistic scenarios and build upon those limits.

HRTC places participants in controlled environments replicating common hunting situations, such as a "jump shot" on a mature whitetail buck. Variables like distance to the target, stationary vs. moving target, and unsupported vs. supported rifle are adjusted to measure outcomes in a percentage format. Techniques to improve hit percentage are then taught, enabling shooters to better understand their abilities in such scenarios.

The course delves into the significance of bullet selection in hunting. Demonstrations with ballistics gel provide a visual of how different bullet types perform when impacting game animals. This insight helps hunters make informed decisions based on their hunting styles and environments.

The course concludes with a walk through of a portion of the HRTC range, where participants are challenged to seek out and engage realistic game animal shaped targets. Scenarios range from a wary whitetail at 65 yards with a limited time window to shoot, to a Bighorn Sheep at 450 yards across a windy canyon. Don't forget to scan the distant ridgeline, you never know what opportunities might present themselves. Only hits to the steel vital areas count in this friendly competition, where meeting time limits simulates the stress hunters face during that crucial shot on a trophy animal.

This two-day course is packed with valuable content, as HRTC owners and instructors recognize the importance of maximizing the value for participants. Our goal is to see hunters succeed in various conditions, ensuring clean and quick harvests of the animals they pursue.

2 day course, 20 hrs


Required equipment:

220 rounds of ammunition (preferably your hunting ammunition)

Rifle capable of 1 MOA groups or better

Rifle scope with dialable turrets (MRAD or MOA)

Ballistic solver phone app (we prefer Applied Ballistics but there are many free options like Hornady 4DOF)

Binoculars or spotting scope

Hunting style pack

Ear and eye protection


Sunscreen/bug spray

Rear shooting bag

Shooting/glassing tripod

Weather appropriate clothing (cold weather/rain gear)

Shooting mat

Snack food

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